We offer our private clients advice, assistance and services in various traditional areas of notarial practice and draw up agreements which are suited to their everyday and special requirements.

Owing to our structure, we are able to provide our clients with a combination of specialist, complementary services enabling them to receive personalised advice on their various projects, thanks to the close working relationship between our Firm’s different departments.

Our private property and financing experts will help and advise you from the moment you decide to make a purchase or sale and will, if necessary, put you in contact with our property valuation and negotiation department, to help finalise your project.

Our family property law experts will advise and help you with major events in your life (marital status, organisation and transfer of property).

Our private property and financing experts and family property law experts will help and advise you with regard to your acquisition projects by assessing whether it is advisable to set up a non-trading company, make a gift prior to a sale or when helping a child move into a new home, and advising you on how to invest the proceeds of a sale, by putting you in touch with our specialist contacts.

Our private property and financing experts will then be able to deal with the sale of a property inheritance.

Our specialists are at your disposal to provide you with advice in each area of expertise, thus offering you an overall vision of your property transactions.





We assist our French and foreign clients with their real property projects.


At VH 15 NOTAIRES, we undertake to work to strict deadlines throughout every stage of our clients’ projects and to ensure the confidentiality of agreements and the prevention of conflicts. We advise our clients with regard to the negotiation and drafting of all types of agreements, preliminary agreements (preliminary sale agreements) and declarations, including tax returns.


We provide services in the following areas :

  • property sales and acquisitions ;
  • loans, debt instruments ;
  • guarantees (mortgages, suretyships, pledges, etc...) ;
  • planning law ;
  • co-ownership law, division of family properties ;
  • joint ownership agreements ; and
  • leases.

We can draw up renewable agreements (such as leases, debt instruments, etc.) in notarised form to avoid our clients having to initiate legal proceedings in connection with outstanding invoices.











«We provide our clients with a global service»


We provide our clients with a global service in connection with the valuation and marketing of their property.